Amarah Wellness came to fruition through co-founder Emilie’s passion for teas, and co-founder Selina’s passion for holistic wellness and natural remedies. We are an LA based company, and all of our products are made in the USA. Proudly POC, queer woman owned.


CEO & Co-Founder

Emilie Arnau is a queer Filipina woman, born and raised in southeast Los Angeles. A distinguished humanities graduate from Occidental College, with a degree in sociology, she has a strong sense of the human experience and its needs. With that knowledge she came across teas, and realized they were a way for her to destress and ease her anxiety. The practice forced her to stay mindful and present. Thus came Amarah Wellness, whose spine was built to meet the needs of others and to advocate for mindful self-care. Besides Amarah Wellness, Em is inspired by her family, Grace Lee Boggs, Bell Hooks and her amazing fur babies.

CEO & Co-Founder

CEO and Co-founder Selina is an LA native who enjoys spending her time writing, being with her partner Emilie, and hanging out with their 4 fur babies: Aiko, Mamba, Sesame and Shoyu. When she isn’t working on Amarah Wellness, she is usually spending her time in the outdoors and helping mend her mental health journey.



Let’s talk the planet. Here at Amarah Wellness we take the environment very seriously. Therefore all of our packaging is made from 100 percent biodegradable and recyclable materials. Even our mailers are both compostable and biodegradable, depending on your preference.

In addition, we make sure to source all of our herbs and teas from organic and fair-trade farms with a focus on sustainable and biodynamic farming practices. In the future we want to own our own land, thus giving us full autonomy on some of the herbs we will be using; allowing us to put all of our sustainable ideologies into practice.


All of our products are produced in the U.S. and made in LA. No sythentics, epichlorohydrin, lead, pesticides, or micro-plastics are found in any of our herbal or tea blends, as they are all completely loose leaf and created at the hands of natural practices. We test everything ourselves, never on animals. All of our products are vegan and cruelty free, we love our furry friends!

Hopefully, once everything in the world starts to get a little easier, we will be able to fulfill all of our sustainable dreams, and put our closed loop idea into practice. Since our tea tins are reusable, one day you will be able to send back your tea tins for refills and receive a special discount for helping our planet.


Have any questions on our methods, or recommendations on how to even further our sustainability measures? Give us a shout. We are always open to broadening the conversation.